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Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Dear friends,

It is the Lord's great desire and intention for all of His children to become more like Jesus with each passing day, week, month and year.  It is through the never ceasing work of the Spirit of God living within each believer that this sanctifying process is accomplished.  His love resides within us in order to perfect us.

This line upon line, precept by precept, spiritual maturing process can only happen as we yield our live to Him; becoming one of His disciples.  What this means is that we must learn about the kinds of things that are pleasing to the Lord as well as those things that are not. Then, we are to make every attempt to walk in obedience by abstaining from the bad and working hard to achieve all that is good.  Doing good is what makes us increasingly effective for His kingdom and we are promised a great reward!  Every believer can make a constant and positive impact for the Lord in their sphere of influence.

There is an old saying that goes . . . "To the degree that we receive the perfecting of God, will we be effective for God, because we are the tools used to affect the world." 

It is our desire to both reach out to those who do not believe in Jesus as LORD and Savior as well as disciple and mentor those who desire a closer walk with Him.

Pastors and Authors, Bruce and Connie Vyverberg


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